In mid-March 2020, in response to then growing fears of COVID-19, TOR took rapid action to protect its staff from infection and we continue to do so under Government guidance.

For the most part this has meant working from home. Many understandably took the same action along a similar timeline, including our clients as well the consultants and other stakeholders that we work with. However, whilst we continue to encourage working from home, our Bournemouth and Birmingham offices are now open. Within that setting we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that our staff, and any visitors, can work as safely as possible. This includes enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures as well as measures to maintain social distancing. We also discourage the use of public transport for journeys to and from the office and in relation to any work requirements. We are able to undertake site visits and to visit client offices, subject to confirming the ability to do so safely through a risk assessment.

We will keep our working practices and office environment under review and, as more of our staff return to the office and visitor numbers increase, consider further measures if that becomes necessary when combined with an ongoing practice of working at home for many and continued conduct of our business contact over video conference calls, certainly for the next few months.

Further updates to office opening and the measures that TOR is taking to stay alert will be posted here.

HM Government COVID 19 Guidance Certificate


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