Poole Grammar School

Client: Borough of Poole Council

  • Town planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Architecture

Borough of Poole Council appointed us as lead consultant to improve the school’s current facilities and assist the authority’s move from a three tier to a two tier system.

We designed a new three-storey performing arts wing comprising a music department, a performing arts hall and a learning resource centre, organised along the length of a street to the south.  The street provides circulation to the wing at all levels and also creates additional dining space on the ground floor, and study and social areas across the three levels.

Maximising the benefits of the building for the local community was a key consideration.  The scheme allows the performance wing to function independently of the rest of the school for evening activities, with the performance hall and learning resource centre located on the ground floor.

There will also be a multi use games area and various parts of the existing school will be refurbished to improve the design technology department and the facilities along the staff corridor.