Energy and Waste

Sheffield Energy Recovery Facility (ERF)
South Yorkshire

Client: Onyx (now Veolia Environmental Services)

  • Town planning

  • Environmental planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Graphic design



Sheffield’s Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) turns local rubbish into electricity and heat for the city. This facility is making the most of rubbish that is thrown away. It provides a way to generate energy for the local area that reduces carbon emissions and minimises the need for landfill sites.

The plant is combined heat and power (CHP) equipped and provides 19MW of electricity, enough to power up to 19,000 homes and hot water for the community energy network. This network serves over 2,800 homes and public and private buildings including some of the city’s most prestigious landmark buildings.

Terence O’Rourke prepared and managed the planning application and environmental statement for this flagship development. The ERF is designed to treat 225,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year.

We coordinated and managed the environmental impact assessment with key issues being air quality, noise, traffic and transport. We also provided specialist studies, including landscape and visual impact, natural heritage, cultural heritage, ecology, social and community and
land use.

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