Energy and Waste

Solar Farms

Clients: Solstice Renewables Ltd, 
Alectron Investments Ltd and Carlton Power


  • Town planning

  • Environmental planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Ecology

  • Heritage

  • Graphic design

  • Geographic information systems


Terence O’Rourke has considerable experience in the solar farm sector and has helped to gain planning consent for a number of schemes across England at a range of scales. These projects are sometimes complex and can be controversial, requiring a sensitive approach, robust planning strategy and a thorough programme of public consultation, engaging with communities, key stakeholders and local authorities to achieve successful outcomes.

Our integrated approach and range of in-house expertise, in particular planning, landscape, ecological, and cultural heritage consultancy services, were ideally suited to address key planning considerations associated with these projects. We prepared robust planning applications within demanding time frames and succeeded in demonstrating the limited impacts of the solar farms on the local landscape. The practice also assisted with public consultation events and liaison with local members, officers and consultees.

Our team of professionals have helped gain planning permission for the following solar farms, ten of which have been built and are operational:

  • Cantelupe, Shelswell Estate and Fryingdown Copse for Alectron Investments Ltd

  • Langage Energy Park for Langage Solar Farm Ltd

  • Bedborough, Newnham, Warren Farm, Ashby, Parchfields, Hungerford and Granville Road solar farms for Solstice Renewables Ltd (38.7MW)

  • Creacombe Farm Solar Farm for Gnaton Farm

In addition, we have worked for a range of other solar farm developers including AG Renewables, Ennoviga and Solar Century to explore opportunities for new schemes.