Energy and Waste

The Eden Project Geothermal Energy Facility

Client: EGS Energy Ltd

  • Town planning

  • Environmental planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Heritage

  • Geographic information systems

The practice was initially appointed for our planning and environmental expertise to assist EGS Energy Ltd in reviewing potential development sites for an engineered geothermal energy plant at the Eden Project. 

Following a detailed scoping exercise a suitable site was chosen. We then prepared a planning application for a 5 MW geothermal energy plant, two 4.5 km wells and ancillary infrastructure, including connections to the grid and the Eden Project’s energy centre. Our robust landscape and habitat strategy was key to demonstrating to the planning authority that the proposal would result in no significant impacts on habitats or views into the site.

Given the technical nature of the proposal, it was important for the planning documentation to clearly explain what planning permission was being sought for and the potential impacts of the scheme. Planning consent was achieved on schedule, which ensured that EGS Energy Ltd met its funding obligations.

Image courtesy of Jürgen Matern / Wikimedia Commons ©2006 Jürgen Matern