Client Briefing – The West Midlands Housing Opportunities


“Everybody acknowledges the housing challenges we face in this country. We are a key part of the solution”. 

Andy Street
Mayor of the WMCA

Figures published by the National Housing Federation in 2018 revealed that England’s total housing need backlog has reached four million homes.

We need to build 340,000 homes each year until 2031 to meet this need. The latest housing building figures show that housing delivery, while having improved since the numbing effects of the recession between 2008 and 2013, remains much lower than the Government’s target of 300,000 homes annually.  

There are many challenges to delivering the necessary housing and infrastructure across England.  However, there are equally huge opportunities in the West Midlands, with a thriving and resilient economy leading the region to unprecedented levels of growth. The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) provides an important layer of regional governance with strong leadership and a clear vision. The authority works together with valuable stakeholders, such as local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) and Homes England, which will provide substantial funding and infrastructure needs to deliver the much needed homes.  

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Neil Trollope
Technical Director