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Marwell Zoo Wild Explorers

Client: Marwell Wildlife

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“Building the UK’s future zoos requires a knowledge and respect for conservation and animal welfare, and the ability to challenge the accepted relationship between the landscape and the building.

Terence O’Rourke worked with us to understand the complex relationships and requirements of the ‘Wild Explorers’ species and assisted in producing a truly world class exhibit, respectful of our ethos.”

JAMES CRETNEY, Chief Executive
Marwell Wildlife

Wild Explorers creates an exciting new visitor experience that builds on Marwell’s reputation as a world-wide conservation charity and as a special place to view wild animals within The Downs.

The exhibit houses white rhinoceros, scimitar-horned oryx and Grevy’s zebra (three endangered animal groups) in a facility that creates an exciting experience for visitors and a new home for the animals designed to meet the latest international animal welfare standards.

Presented as a journey through a series of spaces, contrasting landscape and buildings - animal pavilions and linked covered spaces form the centre-piece to this exciting addition to Marwell. Two covered visitor spaces link the animal houses together and include educational exhibits and a place for viewing.

Two exotic garden areas extend out from the visitor spaces, linked by a curving boardwalk which incorporates covered look-out points providing panoramic views over the park, including a landscaped watering hole and waterfall.