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Marwell Zoo

Client: Marwell Wildlife

  • Masterplanning

  • Architecture

  • Town planning

  • Landscape architecture

  • Heritage

  • Environmental planning

“Building the UK’s future zoos requires a knowledge and respect for conservation and animal welfare, and the ability to challenge the accepted relationship between the landscape and the building.

Terence O’Rourke worked with us to understand the complex relationships and requirements of the ‘Wild Explorers’ species and assisted in producing a truly world class exhibit, respectful of our ethos.”

JAMES CRETNEY, Chief Executive
Marwell Wildlife

Terence O’Rourke was commissioned to prepare a masterplan for Marwell Zoo providing a framework for the development of the wildlife park. A series of projects have followed including an immersive Wild Explorers exhibit housing three endangered species (white rhino, scimitar-horned oryx and grevy’s zebra) and a dramatic state of the art Tropical House and Energy Centre.

Leading teams of specialist consultants, the practice have been responsible for the concept and detail design of the largest and most complex exhibits the zoo has undertaken.

The zoo is set in the sensitive South Downs around the listed Marwell Hall, and our planning and environmental skills have been instrumental in providing a smooth planning process.

The exhibits look beyond the creation of architecture to a landscaped theatrical experience that immerses the visitor into a different world that provides heightened viewing and awareness of these precious endangered species.