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Hillington Park simplified planning zone

Client: Patrizia UK Ltd

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2015: Scottish Quality in Planning Awards
– Delivering in Partnership

Hillington Park is one of Scotland’s largest business and industrial estates, extending to approximately 2 million square feet of commercial accommodation across nearly 200 hectares. Strategically located in the M8 corridor between Glasgow city centre and Glasgow international airport, it is widely recognised as a key engine room of the regional economy.

On behalf of Patrizia UK Ltd (the majority owner of the park) we identified the potential for introducing a simplified planning zone (SPZ) to remove the need for planning applications where development falls within approved parameters and uses. SPZs have not featured in Scotland since the 1980s but continue to offer the prospect of dealing with planning issues up-front allowing more certainty over development opportunities and enabling quicker implementation. We worked closely with the local authorities to scope and prepare the SPZ scheme, which was formally adopted in 2014.

The Hillington Park SPZ will last for 10 years and will significantly assist Patrizia UK Ltd with its ambitions to rationalise and upgrade the park to better accommodate all types of modern businesses, from start-ups to multi-nationals, creating a more attractive environment for inward investment. At the heart of the scheme is improving the accessibility of the park, making the most of its locational advantages, including two mainline railway stations.

This flexible approach to development control is key to attracting investment opportunities in an increasingly competitive and fast changing economic environment and ensuring that existing businesses can quickly and simply adapt to their operational needs.

Image provided by MEPC