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Milton Park local development order (LDO)

Client: MEPC

  • Town planning

  • Environmental planning

  • Urban design

  • Landscape architecture

  • Heritage

  • Graphic design


2015: The Planning Awards - Winner of Planning for Economic Growth Award

2013: RTPI South East Planning awards - Outstanding planning to deliver growth
“It is a shining example of how the council and local businesses have worked together successfully to simplify the planning rules to attract new commerce to the Park where they have decided to encourage local economic growth to strengthen the
UK economy.”

Communities Secretary

Terence O’Rourke was appointed by MEPC to advise on the opportunities offered by an LDO at its flagship science and technology business park in Oxfordshire. Parts of the park were awarded Enterprise Zone status in 2011, with the obligation to simplify planning control to encourage economic growth. 

Terence O’Rourke worked closely with the local authorities and other stakeholders, to lead them through the production and adoption process, advising on the content of the order, ensuring it was robust and fit-for-purpose. We also coordinated the supporting technical information and provided a landscape appraisal, heritage assessment (in respect to a Scheduled Ancient Monument), design guidance, and assisted with EIA screening and public consultation. 

The LDO was adopted in December 2012, coming into force from January 2013 for a 15 year period. It removes the need for planning permission through establishing a series of defined parameters (principally overall occupied footprint, development heights and use classes). Development proposals that accord with these parameters are subject to a pre-development notification process, whereby the LPA is required to confirm ‘approval’ within 10 working days. The process allows for significantly greater responsiveness to market demands whilst retaining appropriate control for the LPA. 

The LDO’s success is clearly evident in the level of new development permitted through it, and the rate at which development has been delivered onsite since its adoption.

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